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tv   RT News  PBS  December 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the police in ukraine brace themselves for another night with the government building on the stage. this sunday's mass crossing could be repeated. russia's president insists the ukrainian opposition is i'm able to control the protest which has now become a breeding ground for its treatment of loss
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went with a particle that the question is what it will give voice to those of you on his activity by the current government. british left its return to growth rates in the challenge to what they called abroad and establishment of a sold out which countries would incur losses by teens afghanistan's president says the us is holding back eight to pressure him into signing a deal with was that american troops stay in the country the old twenty fourteen the top stories this . the my students that are most of which to midnight. this is all the international ukraine's prime minister says the mass protests in the country's capital of gold the old lead to commit demonstrations he says opposition politicians of radicalized him driving them forward. i'm thinking of the swimming again forming bonds last month. ona report crosses are preparing to storm the parliament building meanwhile the president has promised to reconsider told
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them ahead of the european commission about us takes all the possible trade deal autism at unicef ski reports all this may be a fraction of what we saw on sunday now in the streets of kiev on sunday they were lead to more than a two hundred thousand but the but the very least and some estimates even reached ten million people is just a few but the situation is the pretense with the protesters barricaded themselves in central city and willing to go anywhere band's recent statements by the prime minister by adding more fuel to the fire he said i quote that the fact that the protesters overtook some governmental buildings is that we assign all but identical design the country he also said that another quote that don't think we don't have the means to restore order in the state would take us only ten minutes. so j taxes to the government building again and upload. but on the other hand he also said that the government was ready to say that the site table would be well positioned to go see a lot of support this political crisis out. he also promised that a peaceful
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protest this will not be touched by the special forces by the police also boarding statements coming from the other side of political ads get the grades of the opposition. one of the leaders said that he expected to cut the police to storm the state administration building the water which the protest was captured yesterday secondly they tell which broke loose on a sunday it's changed the whole protest to practically the protests which dr decides to be about the refusal of the government to sign the utah association deal lot of talk right now is who actually still behind to finance the unprecedented violence which we so at the president's office building on sunday. let's take a look at my report last week it was all about the willingness to be in europe this time ukrainians are suggesting that the president should burn in the language of the protest change dramatically up to last friday's dispersal of a peaceful protest. it's still not completely cater for insight to the violent attacks in city hall and the president's office. some
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accuse all too likely supporters of the stage was provoked this. whatever it was the group was prepared and very well organized. you can see in rome. the truce the hectic and home that many see below or in case you're thinking dang cute that's mean and inspire times accompanied by a tri nations forces. was quite interesting. those parties get some support and funding from maya and jewels which are run by an american foundation spidey suit to keep the ukrainian political stand adding fuel to the debate around who masterminded the classes is the continuous experience of european politicians acute stroke that. the vice president of the european parliament. prominent politicians radio and the leader of the police opposition form the bear market rallies. she has no heed to these people on the streets are a great asset to the opposition. there's huge argument in the discussions with president and co coach but no
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he doesn't want to begin talks the fact that they are essentially on the ground and yet cheerleading the protesters are calling for a revolution in the country. this is tantamount to the regime change that is uncalled for and german newspapers. this is the most egregious violation of united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interference in domestic affairs of other states. and i think russia cannot take the whole world community cannot take this to a dream just acts like. simon greenberg and that these protests would go well beyond just words and disturbances on the streets. the people of the street but often not rational. because you it's very difficult to fill the crowed one to get a hundred thousand of them didn't decide until two thousand. it takes all not really a mind of its own. and it becomes a cabin become extremely violent protests is to affirm the barricaded themselves in central kiev
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saying they would not leave until both the president of the government step down with that scenario being highly unlikely. the fate of the country is once again hanging by a thread. place your chest e auntie reporting from kyiv ukraine russia's president pretence that he believes ukraine's opposition is no longer able to control the situation has taken to the eu deal is only being used as an excuse to overthrow the leadership as i see it was going on in kiev has little to do with ukraine's relations with a td it's an internal political crisis. the opposition the stabilizing the digits into the elected leadership will write about what's going on doesn't live up to revelation but a well planned action. i think they will pay for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen will have to start early. we can see well pad in all the noise minutes and greets. the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on. or is
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this an express route to goal extremist actions with me next but i seldom occurs suspect a little early he says the opposition come very quickly from them on the eu trade deal to fight to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that will be what is being an auntie is the threat the government via the spread of the democratically elected the kids in the gulf and a decision the government made a decision about the things that they would not get to go ahead and to take the hint when you feed you. now that was the intelligent due to the people didn't and don't agree that that stupid. then the one to deal with at least a campaign even in an election. does any of the fourteen months ago and for adulthood to be changed democrats according to the little local institution and for the new president that he couldn't get ahead with its proposed that
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the disagreement. what he stood there looking at now recently completed it would kill to get a good month for the present i'm throwing this to our government to be removed from up on bali people in the streets ukraine said it needed time to sort out his hand at growing foreign debt and work out how to fund a modernization program. it declared this would have helped save cold chills the fourth and did it to amy deal with the eu. but foreign policy analysts from a concussion in a cover of things the eu would let ukraine poll fit from europe's economy. this european union officials and heads of european states tried to explain the advantages of european ambition to lead opinions too late the main even if you are ukrainian products that will be able to penetrate the european market. he's only one explanation for that to me that it would be none indeed the philippine market he's nice and very protected markets. and it is actually
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the ukrainian market that's your real needs particularly in big time golf in economic crisis has so it is said to please you as an extension called the european market will the protests is was impressed by the ukraian president's promise to re start discussions on the eu trade deal which of course lies at the root of all the unrest has taken a bit of a situation has unfolded over the pos couple of weeks ago began in the kiev on to them and to the festival for the government said it was suspending a major trade deal with the eu. iran is on the capital's independence square last another week with several thousand demonstrators and police occasionally engaging in scuffles on friday nights however security forces ran out of patience and raided the camp using sheer force to disperse the crowd authorities were quick to ban any protests in the city center but this is only set to car jack to this bill position to the day to
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regroup in leicester square to meet return in the hundreds of thousands to retake the whole of the capital and pull for revelation. one of the protest is controlled the man's office that ought to storm the presidential palace and into monday he resigns along with the entire government. would you be in on the situation in the animal to telkom they can find all these updates for the most striking videos and photos from the protests and rusty. oprah just continue unabated in ukraine's state is making sure it never happens that insulting the spanish state that it's michael even filling police officers considered an anti with funds is heavy the thirty thousand units the fools port calls by parliament dumping described as perhaps the most draconian anti protest bills in europe the unanimous miguel and jim about it till the end at how people are reacting to this
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second the troops are already talking of protesting against the soho so he could call it goes back to kill them with the need to cost more than the streets is what has caused controversy among other things about the small fact that spain is not to be a problem but it seemed the streets that the beast is different from all the countries. even the elastic so that always do that with this acute in general is ranked as one of the lowest crime rates in europe said. you see many people are thinking that the potency of me wants to stifle the sand and the tightening up the stool onto the queen size me this is so scandalous unfolding police officers who had acted within the unit cost and the death of a man recently was filmed by someone with us and by we the small lifeboat. filming has the recall of the main trophy that the trial. for the school is the center of ike and people can be in the field the temptation to see a connection between
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the two things. we will miss his broken promises of britain's reading factions activists of laying the foundation of a new alternative left unity party its aim is to revive the working cos ideals of the labour party which they say no take ages to big business to sasa to find out whether the time is right the change. this kind of liked it but of the house of parliament the house of commons the scene of numerous protests from those who are doubts that that can't access the data to support them high costs of living that simply unsustainable for many in this country. thousands attended a social attitudes survey found that about seventy five percent of people in political system is not working for them today another solution to people about the year. the black community party hoping to be christian is why people given voice to those who feel on his activity by the current
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governments the conservatives and lib dems teaches on a lynching. boil pasta on the bush people in this country. i made was to nothing about it. britain is different to the rest of europe and that in my studio and have gotten to that people in dire poverty. if that's the best they can read the economy then we can think of the retina. it's a bit with that. that's why the dog onto my bike with one of the stairs the child is the conservatives. on a wet that they acknowledge that change will not come overnight but if anything what movements like this i'd like to send me some bread so this is reaching a point where they are looking for a death wish they'd feel simply did not exist within the walls of this institution one of the wand and tess are silly. made up the left unity party will be eager to point out that they the camera scattered some of britain's richest businessmen and industrialists are out of her trip to china up to the break reported a visit with a promise was going in to do but try to secure beijing's
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favor and catch. last thing the problem as the victim to a single drug in yemen is being blamed for a nationwide shortage of water this was another of the bread. the air the do you speak a language more news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here all of today reporting from the wilcox we are keen to be an intriguing story. are you
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today the trial of the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the new kim president has accused washington of holding back deliveries of fuel and eight summit. karzai says the us is trying to pressure him into signing a security deal which would allow american troops to stay in afghanistan on the twenty fourteen but he's got its kind has the teacups washington is very determined to sign the pact by the end of this theory in order for us troops not to withdraw completely from the data sent by the end of twenty fourteen the deal the us is pushing forward with the fifteen thousand troops behind when the assembly of afghan elders and afghan tribal leaders most recently endorsed the security deal with the u s president karzai indicated it was not in no hurry to sign it and now he accuses the west of quote applying
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pressure and queen dependency by cutting off fuel supplies to several army and police units. the afghan know that we now have the life of the coalition read the us with fuel vehicles logistics and other supplies comic karzai has hardened and independently to crawl he believes his power to the us and now he faces the challenge of showing his people to stand up for that despite its dependency washington makes it very difficult for him every week or so sometimes more often we hear present car segment the us stop killing civilians last week he condemned the u s drone strike that reportedly killed a cobbler he said. american forces are not respecting the life and safety affecting people's houses. now the team unity of us forces for the prosecution is the key part of this deal afghanistan and justice when civilians get killed. what began his apologies. i'm not even back and make our site as well as the majority of afghans are now saying apologies are not enough
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foreign relations in the list using the nearest thing to know that he's a member the old c coalition says that the one thing in the two afghans is the hatred all the us occupation the karzai government is ultimately up to the government of the united states and one of a hard time surviving without american and other aid from other nato countries but obviously the occupation is so hated karzai has to continually watch your show that he is an independent figure which makes it difficult so you know it's hard to tell because that's it that's a fine wine for him to walk in the general sense afghan people oppose the occupation but the taliban has not been to. oak forests of of the afghan people so i think it's a divided country on a number of different issues but things certainly not the occupation the continuation of the occupation does not favor any government that allows that to go for it in terms of the drone strikes the night raids and so on. i'm hopeful
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for this one. according to him and he threatened to leave the whole nation short of malta. the country's capital is always shoot itself trial ready and off easy to kavanagh. danny and some not. like clockwork each afternoon. he's the greatest come up with people buying cards. god is the essence of nature. don't you were not allowed. many countries could be going again in the leaves contain a mild narcotic and almost everyone shoes more than ninety percent of men according to world health organization. this market opens her nineties and plenty of customers. the pandas at the end. about five dollars worth of pot skewing the socks into my national pastime. someone even say and national. the only feeding the addiction comes. when
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the country. and for watching the game was no shortage of problems but a shortage of water that makes sun on the first welsh capital to run dry. it is one of the main culprits. gimme needs to wean itself to get the country is limited water resources ninety three percent of the extracted water goes to agriculture and that's mostly to grow it's a bit of rugged landscape on the outskirts of the capital dhaka trees as far as the eye can see they can be harvested all year round and the farmers here say they earn more cash from drugs and food. if it's the incredible amount of water to irrigate these not feel the more you punk band that after these trees grow but even here it's taking its toll on the thirty wells that serve this village ten have already gone dry and two more are on the verge the known the consequences are already visible. those
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that afforded by their water from these trucks. the rest struggle to get by. however they can. there are taps but the waters off and dirty shortages are common the city's groundwater could be depleted in less than a decade. but for the poorest residents. it's as good as gone. shouldn't be talking about. some i don't want to miss the second son of the books. it's a mental deficiency and that's not just some of its tend to come to that of the most hideous both of them below. it's every against time and one day again and is using. but here the evenings belong to cox. men gathered together to talk smoke and chew the chosen escapes for a country that has precious few of them. for now he is keeping the water crisis will simply have to wait another day. the final part e sun on
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yemen. read more the human voice of the guitar a focal woke up with auntie don't comb. we spoke exclusively to a gem of a filmmaker dominic tariq job because of the uncomfortable questions he asked about what this conditions that have liked to see. we have to say about that. also the mother but not to go home. seo is the most radiant first link suggests a fully signed up member of the idol is fifth level spy network was eating it so the citizens of a close watch to much more difficult the details. the news raises streaming out of the country to country to stop the leaking green economic cost of the forest a reports this is ratcheting up tension between those who study lizzie got. this case does may have called it the promised land. more and more young as three diesel seeking the fortunes fall from its golden shores of the israeli prime minister yitzhak of being once branded those who integrates his home
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as well. collins. but the state's most of the people when meeting on the un gt kate is smart and successful. meaning don't come back. is awaiting the truth of those is released and he adored him which means deceiving. until recently it was a tribute to two misfits lower cost and people who can find a place in society. but the neck is a st ap poll. she won a scholarship to study the american university in washington dc fact i think that's the only jewish country crazy singing role but it's not something that should win at ourselves and that's really not that the debate was me ninety eight to two of this his new book prize winners in chemistry which is really speaking for the state's an embarrassing reminder of the extent to which the tenant has played the revival is a computer technician who sit in on his own business in the gym and papa told me through. for me it is like for like everyday going to war you will if i could do a custom is to fight
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with your clients with my own business there and it was always a struggle. and your life is more calm. you can relax you can see quiet and can sleep quite like daddy mimi is freaky sandakan which is one of the country's finance minister in the city funded on his facebook page he's a little impatient with people who are willing to throw the only contradict his hat into the trash because britain is more convenient acceptance me up there. i've re discovered on by if i stayed there it's because it's good for me financially it's good for me socially the close to mine it's still in economics from the knee the most common complaint among those is receiving a pool which is that the current side of the sunderland and traces kind. and it's almost impossible to make ends meet it's a case dismal two years ago with his ecuadorian life after getting its own decline. they decided to be for the count. it wasn't such a call to get things going on today. i couldn't
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try it. a meeting. and i wouldn't have to use. tens of thousands of these ladies have to get cold. it is roles find in august. it's a sentiment goodbye to another country. we see on t tentative. here are often beaten and died on that appears human rights concerns of taken a backseat to david cameron is working to secure investment from china the bridge from ministers on a state visit that with more than a hundred businessmen time and that desperate the beijing's favor. baby cameron lavish praise on china's pursuit of return that britain was his best friend. even european even promise to post in the champion. beijing's interest in europe. off to china pledged millions to buy share in the uk sneak in history. it is the mold thought it fitting that on a restricted trade with china too much power. you bought sharing his directives and printed out of business ethics in beijing believes that despite ideological differences the two countries will benefit from that
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economic lines. the merlin is under greater pressure from the business of hope that we cannot ignore all you've found the china market players. china is not relieved by what time and thus feel the need to tow expand its arm. economic power and economic cooperation with the rest will the world. also that of the bridges business of very familiar. fall was china's trade and investment a murmur and saw the band that really it is really the common been taught that they are brains list of countries closer. it was a bad driver . he uses the cheese and pizza. with its many fine beaches in hot springs was a popular year round tourist destination
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blessed with a mild climate spring arrives he resigned his fibula. once train ride from tokyo greens you think you know what. the gateway to the central east do i. goals around you who are redeemed from treats. when the red and white blossoms of these four thousand trees come into bloom. i feel that town within sight. you knew the bridge and when i was really no mystery tree. trees with green colored allison said. read the books. this forest contains many unusual for what. moon. when the user
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conflicts on the train. lulu libido is famous throughout japan for its chameleon will each card contains both cars and garages of the flock. a new. look how many rarely seen types including some that to reach a night here in az. little lulu. jennings is colors the eye the sooners you leave the train station you use to carry us. line the banks of the river for about four kilometers. that too. they are. went to
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jerry's obliged to teach pink he's a lean to do. stays in town for three months. i know cheese or even to the nineteen ninety in june since these. it's a fantastic spectacle. quite different to the nytimes long. do. fan. still she why is this mooncake entirely covered with confidence. two points in yemen sounds like a foreign country. these. knew. i
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choose will distort the recent warmth that encourages some three million viewers to come into bloom benjamin eat steamboat. it's glory seems a greek sea strolling through the sloan says likes of managing and so it seemed. it is easy read in the spring. it's a trip to a paradox of smell. ch. her second home. success. it was
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nice to see. called. new evening will or will you. i know. the content of the need of the un. headlines this hour. the siege continued to expand basket yesterday modern ukraine changed course and book deals with the european union. just create havoc in the thai capital bangkok and authorities issued an arrest warrant for the leader of the nt


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